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Melissa Blair
My family

I am a serial entrepreneur and a product of 2 entrepreneurial parents. Small business is in my DNA. This is also why I am so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs. I know all too well how much time, energy, and money it takes to run a small business.

I am a self-proclaimed 'sales & marketing geek' My first business was a sales training company that I ran for 11 years. My sweet spot is the blending of sales & marketing with technology. In other words, how to use technology to increase your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Over the years, I have have worked with a wide variety of software systems. I'm a bit of a software junkie. The problem I consistently ran into was that to build the 'perfect' system, I had to duct tape together a variety of software to make it all work. That ends up being an expensive Frankenstein-like monster. That's why I went on a quest to find a program that combined all the pieces I needed into one package. Unfortunately, it didn't exist.

On my quest, I stumbled upon and then partnered with an amazing team of developers to create the software I've been looking for. Then, I quickly realized that I wasn't the only one looking for it. I introduced a number of my friends, who introduced their friends...

So, here we are, a few years later and we now have a software program that has been specifically designed to incorporate the tools that a small service-based business needs, that is easy-to-use and at an affordable price. I encourage you to book a Discovery Session with me and check it out

Team working together

A little note about our tagline.

Marketing is how you make new Connections.

Conversations is how you move those connections through your sales pipeline.

Currency is the value both parties receive.

No tricky closes or smarmy tactics. A successful sales person is a problem solver who builds relationships. A profession to be proud of!